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Rehabilitation, Fitness and Fun

What is Bucks Canine Hydrotherapy and how can we help your dog?

Hydrotherapy can often be useful in treating a variety of conditions, including muscle and ligament damage, orthopedic conditions, arthritis, recovering from surgery, long term mobility problems and neurological disorders. It is also fantastic exercise so can help otherwise inactive dogs to improve their fitness.

If your dog is injured, muscle deterioration can start within a few days of the animal first becoming immobilised. To avoid causing even further weakness, or a secondary injury, it is very important to use exercise to rebuild and strengthen any muscle that may have wasted away. It can also help increase the range of movement the dog regains once recovered. 

Hydrotherapy in a pool, is non weight bearing and therefore the perfect environment for your dog to exercise safely.

As well as animals recovering from injury, hydrotherapy also can be extremely useful for animals with long term mobility problems like osteoarthritis, and obesity concerns.

There are also anti-inflammatory benefits to be gained. The hydro-static pressure that water provides can help to reduce swelling, particularly in the lower limbs, for dogs with leg conditions such as carpal injuries and arthritis.

At Bucks Canine Hydrotherapy, treatment takes place in warm water in a vet approved pool.

The water in the pool is the perfect temperature and is  kept clean and sanitised, providing the perfect environment for a controlled fitness regime tailored to your dog's needs.

I will always be in the pool with your dog making sure they are safe and happy. 


Level 3 Certification in Small Animal Hydrotherapy